• cases for exclusion of real estate from the agricultural reform (particularly, palace and park complexes),
  • cases concerning recovering forests taken over under Takeover of certain forests by State Decree,
  • revindication of furnishings of manor houses and palaces, involving libraries, seized during an agrarian reform (reforma rolna),
  • cases concerning damages for deterioration of palace and park complexes during possessing by the State,
  • cases concerning compensation from the State for usage of palace complexes without legal title,
  • cases concerning determining a priority of former landowners’ heirs to purchase agricultural lands,
  • cases concerning denying German origin of former landowners,
  • reprivatization of industrial plants,
  • reactivation of pre-war companies,
  • Church lands and verification of property commissions’ proceedings,
  • restitution of works of art,
  • cases concerning pre-war bonds and shares,
  • damages for legislative omission.