Maciej Obrębski


phone: +48 61 811 18 60


  • complex reprivatisation processes (participation in court proceedings and administrative proceedings) concerning the agricultural reform, the takeover of forests and industrial plants,
  • participation in the legal preparation of transactions for real estate sale, particularly by the Agricultural Real Estate Agency [Agencja Nieruchomości Rolnych] and also for real estate recovered through reprivatisation,
  • regular services to farms, in particular lease contracts, susidies, litigations concerning ANR and ARiMR,
  • participation in cases concerning real estate, particularly the local spatial development plans, building law and water law,
  • matters concerning the infringement of personal rights in the press and the Internet (for both natural and legal persons),
  • matters concerning the legality of stay of foreigners in the territory of the Republic of Poland, the work permits and the establishment of businesses by foreigners,
  • representation of medical professionals in professional liability cases during proceedings before the Screener for Professional Liability [Rzecznik Odpowiedzialności Zawodowej] and before Medical Courts,
  • regular services to businesses,
  • preparation of preliminary tax optimization for transactions.

He completed postgraduate research studies at the Poznań University of Economics, Faculty of Economics.

Member of the Legislative Commission attachted to Chief Lawyers’ Council.

Honoured by Polskie Towarzystwo Ziemiańskie for his exceptional pro bono actvity in favour of PTZ.

Languages: English and German.